09/30/2017, Shapeshifter Lab, Brooklyn, NY

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Eleanor Dubinsky has found the tender edge where jazz, world, and pop sensibilities meet emotionally forthright songwriting. Composing in English, French and Spanish, the indie songstress is noted for her soothing, sultry vocals, enlivened by Latin, Brazilian, American and West African rhythms. Accolades include being named “Best Up ...


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Ron Kadish
812-339-1195 X 202

Eleanor Dubinsky “Turn It Around” Single Release With Special Guest Greg Stamper & Soul21 $12/ Doors 9 pm, show 9:30 pm


Eleanor Dubinsky - Vocals, Guitar
Frank Ponzio - Piano, Fender Rhodes
Rolando Semedo - Bass
Wesley Amorim - Guitar
Samuel Martinelle - Drums
Nêgah Santos - Percussion
Greg Stamper & Soul21 (Greg Stamper, Yolanda Batts, Abena Malika) - Vocals

Eleanor Dubinsky has found the tender edge where jazz, Lusophone, and pop sensibilities meet emotionally forthright songwriting. She suggests we all work to "Turn It Around," the first single from her upcoming album Soft Spot of My Heart. "Turn It Around," co-written with pianist and composer Frank Ponzio, is an uplifting, soulful tribute to the spring that comes after a long winter, literally and spiritually. Eleanor's work embraces sounds from the USA, Cape Verde, and Brazil, thanks to her multifaceted band. To underline her uplifting message, she is expanding her performance to welcome the powerful joy of Brooklyn based contemporary gospel ensemble Greg Stamper Stamper & Soul21, who also make a noteworthy appearance on her new record.

Please join us for this fantastic show so we can celebrate this milestone together!


Soul21 is the primary vocal ensemble at Celebration Spiritual Center. Comprised of a beautiful mix of solo performers, actors, and musicians, this inspired group comes together to create a sound that literally transforms you. Under the leadership of Pastor Greg Stamper, the music has a Contemporary Gospel feel infused with New Thought lyrics that are affirming, uplifting and encouraging.



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(646) 820-9452
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Brooklyn, NY
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18 Whitwell Place
Shapeshifter Lab
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9:30 PM
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9:00 PM