Press Clipping
Eleanor Dubinsky: Soft Spot of My Heart

To be, even an accomplished linguist – as Eleanor Dubinsky clearly is – does not qualify one to be able to sing and emote in every language one speaks. That takes a genuine talent for thinking and dreaming in various languages and this is a gift that keeps on giving in the case of Miss Dubinsky. Spanish (and English of course) are only two of the languages that Miss Dubinsky speaks, writes and sings in. And she makes the most of all of her gifts on Soft Spot of My Heart, an album of ten original songs.

As the title might suggest Miss Dubinsky pursues an emotional way through her music. That she is deeply in touch with that aspect of her character and her life may be the reason why these songs echo with feeling. All this would come to naught, of course, had not Miss Dubinsky the wherewithal to pull it off with aplomb. She is a good songwriter and creates melodies with authentic musicality – the proof of which is in each one of them, especially “Wait For You” in which she may be heard virtually stripped down to sweet, soaring sound of her voice with nothing but the guitar of Wesley Amorim to accompany her through the song. Pulling it off with lithe, high-sprung lyricism confirms that she is a vocalist to reckon with and that it is only a matter of time when the rest of the world discovers that.

Miss Dubinsky is also well-travelled, spending quality time in a few countries of Europe and South America. It was in the emotionally atmospheric ethos of each of these regions that she learned not only new languages, but also how life is lived. This adds enormously to the veracity of “El Sabor De La Vida” and “Cuando Voy A Mi Trabajo”. Both songs also speak to her in the silence of her heart, so to speak and the result is music with the poetry of feeling. The vocalist’s life is also made a lot easier throughout this recording as she is aided and abetted by musicians who not only “read” music well, but are attuned to her artistry, “feel” what – and the way – that she does. As a result the black dots of this music literally leap off the page in the warmth and generous acoustic of this recording.