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Promocionando tu nueva música con una serie de vídeos en YouTube: Cómo Eleanor Dubinsky abarca géneros, cruza fronteras y lo comunica todo con vídeos.

Promote your new music with a series of videos on YouTube
An image is worth no more than a thousand song lyrics, but a good moving image can draw people to listen to your music. We show how Eleanor Dubinsky managed to move the internet with videos about her music.

Promote your new music with a series of videos on YouTube By Brad

As Eleanor Dubinsky travels between styles, crosses barriers and communicates with video (s).
Eleanor Dubinsky did not begin to create her new album Soft Spot of My Heart with a style of music in mind. And why should she? Her recordings hitherto challenged easy categorization, not only because of her vast international influences, but also because she composed and sings in English, French, and Spanish.

In fact, all the drafts that Dubinsky had done for the project, during a journey that lasted years, were completely obsolete: it was the musicians she met along the way who gave a new life to her album with love and a direction to follow.

You can see and feel these connections forming in this short video that she released at the end of last year. The video not only offers a palette of the album that would be released later, but also shows the creative process and the bonds that it formed with its musical collaborations, even if they were in other languages.

"I've had a lot of experience with people from all corners of the world ... After an hour, borders cease to exist, and what really comes to be people," she says in the video. She speaks again of the power of working with other musicians, who lend their experiences and their talent to a project that can stand alone. They are different elements that come together to form a unique and beautiful thing, and very difficult to be classified. It speaks for itself, in many languages.

Telling your story by video
The way Eleanor uses the video to document her recording process gives her album even more depth, and offers intimate insights from:

Studio recordings
inspiration to compose songs
and live versions of songs
All these videos offer an unfiltered look at how these talented musicians have managed to work so well together.

These videos - as well as the two videos I put up there - are also great outreach tools to keep fans engaged during the recording process as they wait for new songs.

If you take a look at the Eleanor YouTube page , you'll see that it has fed your channel consistently for the past year. And he put there interesting and well-made material, which brought the mood for the release of his album.

The importance of posting videos frequently
Posting videos often is something that - thanks to the phones in our pocket - is within the reach of most independent musicians today, and offers you great benefits with small investment.

We have talked in the past about how crucial it is to keep a video creation and posting agenda and how not every video needs to be a video clip with a super production .

When you're thinking about your videos and making a schedule, check out Eleanor's videos to get inspired!

Have you worked with other musicians from outside your social circle and ended up discovering new ways to make music? Have you used your music videos to spread your sound and build animation, as Eleonor did? Tell us in the comments!