Press Clipping
VOICES! Eleanor Dubinsky: Soft Spot of My Heart, Veronneau: Love & Surrender

Female vocalists displaying charm and flexibility…

Not only does Eleanor Dubinsky sing on this album with Rolando Semedo/b, Frank Ponzio/p-key, Wesley Amorim/g, Ivo Costa/dr and Miroca Paris/perc, but she composes the wide ranging selection of tunes. Her voice has a folksy casualness to it, being confessional with Ponzio on “Free Again” and comfortingly poppish on “Turn It Around.” Sarah Abigael Stone’s cello adds drama to Dubinsky’s vocal climax on “I Let Go” whereas the nylon strings add droplets of dew on the tensile “Wait For You.” Some international lyrics as she gets Spanish on “El Sabor De La Vida” and Iberian for “Cuando Voy A Mi Trabajo” displaying a calm and assuring charm all throughout this alluring session.

Lynn Veronneau delivers bohemian moods with a gypsy team of Ken Avis/g-harp, David Rosenblatt/g, Bruno Lucini/dr and a collection of guests on this collection of mostly originals. The team mixes dashes of Django Reinhardt bounces on pieces such as “Song of Love” La Javanaise” and even the jazz standards “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most” with Veronneau’s sensuous voice glowing in contrast to the casually strumming strings. Left Bank moods are added with Dave Kline’s violin on “Waltz for Youssef” and a relaxed and misty eye’d take of Jimmy Webb’s “Moon’s a Harsh Mistress” with the band getting some swing time in on “September Moon.” A tip of the beret!