Press Clipping
Eleanor Dubinsky-Turn It Around

This next one goes out to anyone feeling down on their luck, helpless to upend a downward trend. It’s “Turn It Around,” an uplifting sonic movement from singer, songwriter, and confidence cultivator Eleanor Dubinsky.

First taste of her upcoming album Soft Spot Of My Heart, the gospel-tinged jazz piece was written with one specific message in mind, take the initiative to mend what’s broken. She says of the track:

It’s about taking the first step to make things better when you feel down and out. Remembering to look up from your mess can be hard, but once you do, you often find a change and a new way outside of your own head.

That mantra reverberates through a coalescence of piano, tempered brass, pronounced percussion, and an effervescent outpouring of vocal optimism. And you can’t forget about the contribution from Brooklyn-based gospel ensemble Greg Stamper & Soul21 that gives the song a fuller, more conscious feel.

A cut that can only warm your spirits, stream below and spread some of your own social love: